Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Holidays (DUI Loss Entry No. 6)

Yesterday I attended a candlelight vigil the City of Chicago hosts to remember victims of intoxicated drivers. I am glad the City does that, and having Mayor Daley, and Anita Alvarez, Jesse White and other state and city officials there helped me feel that at least my city and state take this issue seriously. But so many deaths still occur due to impaired and drunk drivers. One of the statistics read was that 60% of fatal crashes over Thanksgiving were due to intoxicated drivers. Over 30% of the fatal crashes over Christmas are expected to caused by intoxicated drivers.

I wish everyone would be careful. I wish everyone who has a drink would forego driving. I wish no one's holiday -- and no one's life -- will be ruined this Christmas due to people choosing to drink and drive.

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